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Signs That It’s Time for a Clutch Repair

The Third Thing Down There There’s the accelerator to help you go. There’s the brake pedal to help you stop. And then there’s that third thing down there–the clutch–if you drive a manual transmission automobile. While a vehicle with an automatic transmission does all the shifting for the driver, its “straight drive” counterpart requires the […]

Changing Transfer Case Fluid

Transfer Case Basics Transfer cases are designed to supply “pulling” power to the correct wheels at the appointed time. This makes the component specific to 4 wheel drive (4WD) and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. When the automobile is set to 2 wheel drive (2WD) mode, the transfer case sends drive power to only one […]

What is a Transmission Flush?

The Power of Fluid Scientific knowledge tells us that there’s power in fluid. It’s why mankind has built hydroelectric dams, it’s why a flash flood can clear a path where nobody intended, and it’s the reason your vehicle’s transmission fluid is important. Transmission fluid lubricates the gears and keeps the unit cool. Without it, your […]

Does Your Car Need a New Battery?

Why a Battery? You can’t travel with a miles-long extension cord plugged between your house and your vehicle. That’s obvious. Yet you must have some electrical current to generate the spark for ignition and to power accessories such as door locks when the vehicle isn’t in operation. While car batteries are durable–certainly longer lasting than […]

Honda Service Codes: What is Your Vehicle Trying to Tell You?

When it Speaks – You Listen! As we get closer and closer to fully automated vehicles that can drive, react to hazards, and park themselves, the alert systems are also becoming more sophisticated. For Honda in particular, the manufacturer uses a specific set of codes instead of just a general Check Engine Light. This way, […]

Keeping Up With Your Repairs Keeps Your Toyota Running Smooth

Auto Repair Services Your Toyota Can’t do Without! Not all vehicles are built the same and depending on how they are driven, their repair needs will not be the same either. There are universal maintenance services you can expect for all cars and there are some vehicles that require more frequent or more specific services […]

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late: Know the Signs of Clutch Failure

Watch for These Symptoms While drivers in manual cars have more experience with the delicate and finicky use of the clutch, automatic transmissions also develop clutch problems and every driver should know the signs. The clutch is the mechanism that determines what gear your engine goes into to achieve the speed your vehicle needs. The […]

Myth-Busting Maintenance Tips

We Can Help Clear Up Areas of Vehicle Maintenance The internet is full of opinions and advice especially when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Some misinformation on the internet is mostly harmless, however, the technicians at Capitol Transmission in Hartford, CT, took a minute to dispel the maintenance myths they hear most often from our […]

Honda Hiccups: Common Problems with Honda Vehicles

They’re Reliable, but Not Perfect Honda has come to be known as one of the most reliable auto manufacturers in the world. Their vehicles outnumber most other brands on the road, and they can stay functional for decades. When repair issues do arise with Honda vehicles, a speedy repair is essential to make sure the […]

The Perks of Preventative Maintenance

Paying for Auto Repairs We all have standing appointments that happen regularly throughout our lives: haircuts, doctor’s check-ups, and performance reviews – just to name a few. And we’ve all heard that vehicle maintenance should be given as much importance as these other obligations. Your vehicle most likely came with a manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule as […]