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Transmission Rebuild

Transmission Rebuild in Hartford, CT

Keeping Your Transmission Together

Outside of the engine, the transmission is the most important major system found in your vehicle. It’s because of this system that you’re able to switch gears and tell your vehicle to drive forward and backward. So when this system gets into trouble, an expensive service price tag isn’t always a surprise. Although our first thought is to have the transmission repaired or replaced, there’s another, cheaper alternative that can yield the same results — a transmission rebuild. That’s where Capitol Transmission in Hartford, Connecticut can help. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize the latest tools and manufacturer approved components to ensure that by the end of your visit, the transmission system is performing at its best. Whether it’s a blown gasket or a broken band, we can handle any transmission problem your vehicle may have!

Do You Need a Rebuild?

Transmission trouble is a problem that many motorists hope to avoid, as it can be a stressful and costly issue to deal with. When dealing with transmission trouble, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected and serviced by a reputable shop like ours. Here, our ASE Certified technicians take the time to fully understand your transmission system and see what service it may need, whether that’s a transmission repair, rebuild, or replacement. Based on this inspection and the degree of damage your transmission system has sustained, we’ll provide you with the best option for your vehicle.

Typically, a transmission rebuild is for systems that have worn out components that need to be replaced. During the service, our technicians will take apart your transmission system and remove the worn out components. Then, they take the time to clean the new, manufacturer approved parts that will be installed in your vehicle’s transmission system. Once clean, they’ll install the new parts, reassemble your transmission, and place it back into your vehicle. During the service, our team will make sure to keep you updated on the status of your vehicle, so you know what’s going during every point of the service.

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Transmission trouble is a frustrating problem to deal with that takes time and money to fix. Although it’s normal to assume you’ll be spending thousands of dollars on repairs, visit Capitol Transmission in Hartford, CT and ask our team about our transmission rebuild service. Our automotive professionals will be able to identify key components that are failing in your transmission system and replace them, instead of performing a delicate repair or a full replacement service. Have questions about our rebuild service or want to schedule a visit? Give us a call at (860) 200-2295 speak with our team today! In the area and want to stop by our shop? Feel free to visit us at 29 Newfield Avenue and speak with our team in person! At our shop, know that you’re getting the very best.