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Clutch Repair in Hartford, CT

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Anyone who drives a car with a manual transmission knows the importance of a clutch. With every gear shift comes a press of the clutch while releasing the gas. So, what exactly does a clutch do? It connects your car’s engine to the transmission. Pressing your clutch separates the transmission from the engine and allows the vehicle to stop without stalling. Sounds simple, but many parts make up a clutch, and over time, the parts can wear out. Variables like terrain, driving style, and frequency of driving all factor into the life of your clutch. How do you know if you need a clutch repair? If you experience a high rev of the engine with poor or no acceleration, a burning smell, a spongy or hard pedal feel, it’s time to make an appointment. Contact the transmission experts at Capitol Transmission. Our mechanics are highly trained in clutch repair and replacement and will have you back on the streets of Hartford in no time.

We Can Help in a Pinch

Drivers in Hartford have trusted our team of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-Certified technicians for all their transmission repair and maintenance needs for three generations, including clutch repair. When a faulty clutch or manual transmission sidelines you from your everyday life, rely on us to return your vehicle to the road with you behind the wheel. Using their knowledge and expertise, they will evaluate your clutch and determine if it can be fixed or needs replacing. We will then work with you on a course of action that promises to be budget-friendly while using quality parts. Don’t wait until it’s too late. What starts as a simple clutch repair can quickly turn into a bigger problem over time. The good news, we specialize in transmissions, and our mechanics are qualified to make repairs beyond a clutch. From manual transmission repairs to differential repairs, we are your under-car experts! Our priority at Capitol Transmission is to fix your clutch right the first time. We want to see you back behind the wheel quickly and safely.

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If your clutch is slipping, you smell burnt toast while driving, you have difficulty shifting, hear a grinding or squeaking noise, or have a momentary loss of acceleration (also known as a slipping clutch), it’s time to visit your friends at Capitol Transmission! Any combination of these things can mean you are due for a clutch repair. Our certified technicians are experts in clutch repair and the repair and maintenance of a manual transmission. We understand the freedom of driving a stick and promise to help you get that extra mile of fun out of your car. We work on all vehicle makes and models, no matter the year, including both foreign and domestic. Call us at (860) 953-9155 to schedule your clutch repair appointment today. Or stop by and visit us at 29 Newfield Ave., Hartford, CT 06106, US, where we offer free Wi-Fi in our clean waiting area.