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What is a Transmission Flush?

What is a Transmission Flush?

The Power of Fluid

Scientific knowledge tells us that there’s power in fluid. It’s why mankind has built hydroelectric dams, it’s why a flash flood can clear a path where nobody intended, and it’s the reason your vehicle’s transmission fluid is important. Transmission fluid lubricates the gears and keeps the unit cool. Without it, your transmission will soon be toast. Over time, the fluid loses some of its youthful qualities, changing from a light red to brown. That issue certainly warrants attention, and it may mean it’s time for a transmission flush from Capitol Transmission and Auto Care in Hartford, CT.

The Transmission Flush

While a transmission fluid change drains the old liquid and replaces it with new, a flush actually forces in and vacuums out the old fluid. Why does this difference matter? It’s important to understand which service you want and which you’re buying. A change may be enough in some cases, but it leaves some of the old fluid clinging to the internal transmission components. In contrast, a transmission flush completely removes all of the old fluid and residue, replacing it with clean liquid. Typically, a transmission flush occurs between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. If you’re noticing warning signs of transmission trouble, we can discuss options, including the flush, as a potential solution. You should be aware that a transmission flush is no longer an option once your unit sustains damage and has metal shavings floating in the fluid. You’ll need a transmission rebuild to correct the problem(s) at that point.

Your Reputable Transmission Repair Partner

When you’re ready for a transmission flush or need other transmission services and repairs, count on the ASE certified technicians at Capitol Transmission and Auto Care. We’re a family-operated facility. We’ve been in business for three generations–since 1934! What’s more, we’re able to back most repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. Stop by soon to see why your neighbors have been returning to us for transmission assistance for so many years.

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