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Signs That It's Time for a Clutch Repair

Signs That It’s Time for a Clutch Repair

The Third Thing Down There

There’s the accelerator to help you go. There’s the brake pedal to help you stop. And then there’s that third thing down there–the clutch–if you drive a manual transmission automobile. While a vehicle with an automatic transmission does all the shifting for the driver, its “straight drive” counterpart requires the driver to manually shift the gears. To accomplish this, you need the clutch. This component works with other components such as the flywheel, clutch plate, release fork, release bearing, springs, a disc, and pins to connect and disconnect the engine and transmission. When moving forward in a particular gear at a desired speed range, the engine and transmission are engaged with one another so that the power reaches the wheels. To change gears, however, they must be disengaged from one another by the driver’s use of the clutch. Don’t worry. You don’t have to get into all the technical jargon and dirty parts that go along with that process. Instead, count on Capitol Transmission and Auto Care in Hartford, CT, for outstanding clutch repair.

Common Clutch Repair Signs

Our team of experts will gladly assist you with clutch repair and all your related transmission service needs, but there are some common signs that your vehicle needs clutch repair that you’ll notice yourself. Once you observe one or more of these, it’s time to schedule a visit. For example, if you feel a “sticking” clutch pedal, your car may need adjustment or repair. You’ll find the pedal is harder to press or seems to stick lower to the floorboard. We’ll need to check your vehicle to see if this is simply a cry for linkage adjustment or if there’s a fluid leak that accounts for the issue and needs repair. Depending upon the situation, you may need a new clutch plate, too. Another potential repair indicator may be a burning scent. This may not be cause for alarm if you frequently brave heavy traffic where the clutch is in use a lot. However, it could indeed point to a thin clutch plate that calls for replacement. Finally, slipping gears may call for clutch repair. While a lubricant leak can account for what you’re noticing, slipping in and out of gear or going back into neutral without driver prompting could also point to a worn clutch plate.

Clutch Repair Near You that’s Professional and Friendly

If you suspect a clutch problem or if you want to prevent future major problems, make an appointment for clutch repair with Capitol Transmission and Auto Care. Our ASE-certified technicians specialize in a number of makes and models. Further, our reputation for outstanding work and customer service has built over more than eight decades.

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