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Does Your Car Need a New Battery?

Does Your Car Need a New Battery?

Why a Battery?

You can’t travel with a miles-long extension cord plugged between your house and your vehicle. That’s obvious. Yet you must have some electrical current to generate the spark for ignition and to power accessories such as door locks when the vehicle isn’t in operation. While car batteries are durable–certainly longer lasting than something small like a flashlight battery–they don’t hold on forever. Eventually, you’ll need to buy a new one. If you need a battery check, a new one, or other mechanical auto repairs, visit Capitol Transmission and Auto Care in Hartford, CT.

Typical Signals that It’s Time for a New Battery

Perhaps you’re wondering how you’ll know when it’s time for a new battery. While we’ll need to check yours to make a definite call, we’re happy to share a few signs you might notice. First, you might notice an illuminated dashboard warning light. It may show as a battery or other similar electrical symbol, or the check engine light may come on. Also, you may notice your exterior lights, such as headlights dimming. (This can also point to an alternator problem.) Another common indicator is trouble with power features such as door locks and automated windows. This is particularly noticeable if the engine isn’t running. A dead giveaway is often failure or slowness to start. Although this problem could result from other components such as a bad starter, it’s often the battery. This issue may worsen as the temperature drops. Cold weather can be hard on batteries, especially if the unit is weak. Finally, a bad battery may be accompanied by a bad smell. If there is a sulfuric acid leak from the battery, you may detect the scent of rotten eggs.

Your Personal Auto Repair Shop

If you think your battery is on its way out, let the ASE-certified technicians at Capitol Transmission and Auto Care help. In business since 1934, we have three generations of experience in providing exceptional auto repair and outstanding customer service. We specialize in various makes and models, and we’re always glad to check your battery’s health.

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