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Changing Transfer Case Fluid

Changing Transfer Case Fluid

Transfer Case Basics

Transfer cases are designed to supply “pulling” power to the correct wheels at the appointed time. This makes the component specific to 4 wheel drive (4WD) and all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles. When the automobile is set to 2 wheel drive (2WD) mode, the transfer case sends drive power to only one axle. However, once the 4WD option is engaged, drive power is sent to all the wheels by way of both the front and rear axles. The transfer case is filled with fluid that keeps the internal parts lubricated and moving well. Over time and with use, this fluid can lose its protective properties. Therefore, periodic transfer case fluid change is a good idea. For this and related transmission services and transfer case repair, count on Capitol Transmission and Auto Care in Hartford, CT.

Transfer Case Fluid Exchange

While many technicians have a “magic” number in mind that’s their rule of thumb for when to replace the transfer case fluid, the reality is that the condition of the fluid often depends upon vehicle use and driving style. Towing heavy loads on a regular basis or changing back and forth between the modes frequently can necessitate more frequent fluid exchange. Regardless of mileage, the goal is to ensure that there’s a sufficient supply of clean fluid in the transfer case at all times. Otherwise, your vehicle is likely to incur damage that’s time consuming and financially costly to repair. It’s a best practice to have your auto’s transfer case inspected regularly for leaks or other warning signs. Indicators that you may detect that should bring you in for an immediate service visit are an increase in loud noise when you drive–particularly when 4WD is engaged–difficulty changing gears, and unplanned exits (by the vehicle itself) from 4WD mode.

Reputable, Local Transfer Case Repair

Whether you’re noticing specific signs or desire preventive maintenance services, Capitol Transmission and Auto Care is your home for reputable, local transfer case repair. We’re three generations deep in a shop that’s been helping customers just like you since 1934. That gives our ASE certified technicians both the experience they need to effect solid repairs and the helpful attitude that has made us successful over the long haul. Most repair work qualifies for our 3 year/36,000 mile warranty, so you can feel confident that your repair dollars are well spent with us.

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