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Keeping Up With Your Repairs Keeps Your Toyota Running Smooth

Keeping Up With Your Repairs Keeps Your Toyota Running Smooth

Auto Repair Services Your Toyota Can’t do Without!

Not all vehicles are built the same and depending on how they are driven, their repair needs will not be the same either. There are universal maintenance services you can expect for all cars and there are some vehicles that require more frequent or more specific services based on your performance needs. For Toyota owners, there is a wide array of vehicle uses and our technicians at Capitol Transmission in Hartford, CT, have outlined the Five most important services to keep your Toyota in peak condition, no matter what you use it for!

Oil Changes

Depending on how you drive your vehicle, you’ll need your oil changed more or less frequently. Some drivers prioritize fuel economy and others prioritize performance. With regular oil changes, you’ll get more power out of each engine stroke and more miles out of each gallon of fuel.

Brake Tests

This is as much a safety concern as it is a performance issue. If you ever feel any decline in braking power, come in for a brake test to make sure your vehicle is capable of stopping quickly and safely.

Tire Replacement

As your vehicle puts on miles, your tires and their wear should be regularly checked to make sure they are still safe for controlling your vehicle. If your tires are worn, they gain less traction on the road and you lose the ability to safely maneuver.

Windshield Repairs

Anything that affects your visibility as the driver is a safety concern. Even small cracks can be a distraction while you are driving. Small cracks are also able to grow and compromise the structure of the whole windshield. A small repair early on could prevent the need to replace your entire windshield.

Engine Diagnostics

Your Toyota also has internal sensors that monitor your vehicle’s performance and engine levels. If it detects any issues, it will alert you with a light on your dashboard. Bringing your vehicle to a factory-trained technician will ensure you aren’t driving on a major vehicle repair.

Your Local Toyota Experts

If you own a Toyota, contact the team at Capitol Transmission in Hartford, CT to help you develop a maintenance plan that will maximize your vehicle’s performance and extend its liftime.

Written by Capitol Transmission