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Myth-Busting Maintenance Tips

Myth-Busting Maintenance Tips

We Can Help Clear Up Areas of Vehicle Maintenance

The internet is full of opinions and advice especially when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Some misinformation on the internet is mostly harmless, however, the technicians at Capitol Transmission in Hartford, CT, took a minute to dispel the maintenance myths they hear most often from our customers.

Frequent Oil Changes

Almost every vehicle comes with a factory-approved maintenance guide that suggests the correct intervals for oil changes on your particular model. While some people claim oil changes are required every 3,000 miles, that’s not the case for most vehicles. How often your oil needs to be changed depends on how you drive and the age of your vehicle. Newer vehicles require oil changes about every 5,000 miles, and you can wait longer as your car gets older and more broken in.

Premium Gas is Best

When it first became popular, premium gas was marketed toward performance vehicles. It contains cleaners and protectants for turbo-charged engines. However, even lower octane gas needs to meet quality standards that make it safe and efficient for any vehicle. Now the difference between low and high octane gases is almost negligible.

Let Your Engine Heat Up

On the coldest mornings in Hartford, CT, you’ve probably been advised to let your engine warm-up in neutral before driving. In older vehicles, yes, the heat of the engine was necessary to begin the combustion process and “wake up” the vehicle. However, your wheel bearings and transmission actually need movement in order to heat up.

Full Charge From Driving

After you jump-start your vehicle, your battery won’t be back to full immediately. Some motorists recommend driving around in order to recharge the battery. To fully recharge the battery, you’ll need to drive for more than just a few minutes, though!

Wind Resistance v. Air Conditioning

Aerodynamics is a concern for vehicle owners who are trying to get the most mileage out of their fuel. The less wind resistance your vehicle feels, the less power it needs to generate. Some people debate whether the wind resistance created by opening your windows for fresh air is a better solution than running the air conditioning on engine power. In actuality, the difference is negligible. Aerodynamics on most vehicles now are so improved, that having your windows down would barely create a difference. In the end, it’s up to you whether you want A/C or fresh air!

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