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Honda Hiccups: Common Problems with Honda Vehicles

Honda Hiccups: Common Problems with Honda Vehicles

They’re Reliable, but Not Perfect

Honda has come to be known as one of the most reliable auto manufacturers in the world. Their vehicles outnumber most other brands on the road, and they can stay functional for decades. When repair issues do arise with Honda vehicles, a speedy repair is essential to make sure the defect doesn’t affect any other areas of your vehicle before it is fixed.

Common Issues

Our technicians put together a list of a few issues for Honda owners to look out for:

  • Vibration: Some Honda owners experience shaking or vibrating while they apply the brakes. This fault usually develops in vehicles with over 98,000 miles, but early warning signs should not be ignored. Shaking could indicate a problem with the front brake rotors. If they are warped, the rotors need to be replaced.
  • Transmission: In vehicles with over 70,000 miles, some Hondas may develop issues with shifting gears and transmission failure. Transmission repair and overhaul can cost anywhere from $2000 to $4000, if the vehicle is no longer under warranty. Ideally, addressing transmission issues early can prevent a more costly repair down the road.
  • Turning: If a Honda develops noises or shaking while turning, this could be an indication of a cracked compliance bushing. A compliance bushing is part of the steering and suspension mechanism and may develop faults in vehicles with over 95,000 miles. Often a cracked compliance bushing can be detected with a routine service or oil change before it develops steering issues in the vehicle.
  • Power Doors: One late-in-life problem for Hondas is malfunctioning power door locks. In vehicles with over 105,000 miles, the power locks may engage or disengage on their own. This points to a problem with the actuator, which is a quick and easy fix once it is identified.

Here to Help

Hondas are renowned for their longevity and straightforward maintenance. In order to keep your Honda running, keep up with the factory recommended maintenance schedule and be sure to bring it to a trusted repair shop for preventative maintenance. At Capitol Transmission, we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on all repairs. As part of the Hartford, Connecticut community since 1934, our goal is to keep our customers, their vehicles, and our community safe. If you have any concerns about your Honda or would like to discuss an ongoing maintenance plan with any of our ASE certified technicians, give us a call today: (860) 953-9155

Written by Capitol Transmission