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Auto Repair Tips for Winter

Auto Repair Tips for Winter

Take Care of These Items!

Drivers in Hartfield, Connecticut have a different set of auto responsibilities if they want their vehicles to perform well in cold winters. To help you stay on top of everything your car needs before the winter season, Capital Transmission has made a list of top priority auto repairs!

  1. Correct Driveability Problems: Anything that impacts the performance of your vehicle should be corrected before winter, as cold weather only makes the problems worse! This includes reduced power, stalling, rough idling, and hard starts.
  2. Optimize Fuel Efficiency: Swap out dirty filters and inspect the exhaust system to ensure your car is making the most of its fuel.
  3. Use De-Icer: Once the temperature drops below freezing and stays there, using de-icer in the gas tank can prevent freezing in the fuel line. Another way to prevent damage from freezing is by keeping the gas tank full so moisture doesn’t form and freeze.
  4. Get an Oil Change: Drivers should always follow their vehicle’s recommended oil change schedule to protect the engine. Skipping oil changes is one of the worst things you can do for your vehicle’s performance!
  5. Check the Heater & Defrosters: Ensure they are working properly so you’ll be comfortable and safe during cold temperatures. You need to be able to see out of your windows at all times!
  6. Replace Old Wiper Blades: Old wiper blades won’t stand up to harsh conditions or keep your windshield clear. Consider purchasing winter blades that are designed with extra resistance to ice buildup! We also recommend purchasing extra windshield washer fluid too, because you’ll use a lot of it to clean away dirt, ice, and salt in the winter season.
  7. Check The Battery: The only way to tell if your vehicle has a weak battery is with professional equipment. You’ll want to replace a dying battery to avoid getting stranded anywhere!
  8. Replace Worn Tires: If your tires are worn out, they won’t be safe to operate, especially in the winter months. If the area where you live gets a lot of snow and ice, consider a set of winter tires with studs for increased traction and control.

Use this list of auto repairs and the help of the technicians at Capitol Transmission in Hartfield, Connecticut to prepare your care for winter!

Written by Capitol Transmission