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Interested in Auto Repair?

Interested in Auto Repair?

What It’s Like to Be a Technician

Are you interested in a career in the auto repair industry? The technicians at Capitol Transmission in Hartford, Connecticut would be happy to tell you more about what our job is like! Read this to learn more about what being an auto repair technician is all about and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you might have! We are always glad to share our stories with others who might be interested in our industry.

You Can Work With Cars & People

Some people might think that pursuing a career as a technician limits them to a job in the garage where they don’t get much interaction with others. If you have experience as a trained and certified technician and love to work with people, you could make a great service advisor for an auto repair shop! In this position, you get to communicate about the work that cars need with their owners to help them understand what goes on in the service bays. If they have concerns about their vehicle’s health, you’ll use the clues from their description to decipher what repairs might be needed.

Some people aren’t keen on working and communicating with others all day long, and that’s okay! Being an auto technician is a great way to help others without working alongside other people for every project. Once you have the skills and certifications, you can spend your days under the hood tinkering and fixing problems to help cars stay healthy and reliable. You’ll know that the hard work you do keeps people safe and on the road!

It Can Be Challenging

The auto repair industry is constantly evolving. Technicians are expected to keep up with the advancements in new vehicle technology and equipment to perform adequate repairs. To be successful, you’ll have to complete training and pass tests to prove your competency and skill. Once you are able to get under the hood and start working, you’ll realize that some car problems can be complex and challenging. Repairing cars is not always a glamorous job, but it is rewarding. Solving problems for others and helping them stay on the road in reliable vehicles can be all the motivation you need to stay on top of your game.

Want to know more? Our team will be happy to share their stories with you! Reach out to Capitol Transmission in Hartford, Connecticut today!

Written by Capitol Transmission